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A lot of people take reviews at face value, without really digging into the online reputation of companies to sort out who is legitimate, and who is not. There are some places where reviews can be “spoofed” meaning, reviews can actually be written by the owner of a company, its employees or anyone else that is willing to help deceive the general public at large, and pump themselves up unethically. We find this to be unacceptable simply for the reason that reviews should be genuine, from real people that have actually done business with a certain company, and are leaving an honest evaluation of who they decided to do business with. A lot of companies make outrageous claims on their website, or advertisements, and these are easy to check out for accuracy. Do you see verbage that states something like “Voted Best Of”, or “Top Rated Company”? It’s easy to qualify statements like this.

We want to go through a few examples of what is actually going on with reviews so that you can educate yourself on how this works and what it takes to really drill down and find a great company to do business with. Even if you choose to not do business with Glass Tiger Tinting, we at the very least feel strongly that you should do your best to research companies you are looking at as a contender for your hard earned dollar.

The best place to start is Google Reviews. Google actively looks for people trying to game the system. They know who you are, where you are located, and have an algorithm that detects anything fishy going on with reviews. Over the years, we have seen Google Review listings of certain companies totally disappear from webpages because of self-promotion or other reasons. The fact of the matter is this: It is very hard to get reviews from people even if they love your work. Case example is our company. We install window film on more than 200 cars each and every month. Everyone loves the work we do, and this is reflected in the Google reviews that we have. Almost everyone says they are more than happy to make a review about us. If we get 10 reviews a month, we are extremely grateful. People either forget, or simply just don’t want to take the time. In all the time that we have been in business, (since 1984), we only have about 220 reviews to date on Google. Some companies will offer a special price for service if you post a review. This is not how this process should work. Reviews should be an honest accounting of the service and expertise of a company. If it is paid for, is this truly the case? Think about it…

If you see a review page, and start to go through them, please bear this important fact in mind: Reviews are very hard to come by. If you see a review source that shows an extremely high review count, especially in a short period of time, you can be confident that something fishy is going on. This is NOT natural. It simply doesn’t happen this way. One example of a review site that is being used to deceive the public is Kudzu. You can if you wanted to make multiple accounts on the site and write your own review for your company or organization. Be wary of a very large Kudzu review page for a company you may be researching. Cross check them with Google Reviews. It is a good measuring stick to compare, and you will get a sense of whether or not something is not quite right.

Yelp is another company that is a good review source and is hard for companies to spoof reviews. Take all this into consideration when doing your research. Don’t just go with one review source. Check them all against each other, and make a decision from there. If you don’t take the time to do the research, which is readily available to take advantage of on the internet, you may just find yourself in a situation where you have had a bad experience with a company.

Glass Tiger does not pay for reviews. It simply is dishonest and unethical. Do we ask for reviews? We sure do. We want everyone to be able to read about the service we offer, and honest reviews good or bad will help others to decide on whom to use. We look at good reviews as a big plus for our company. A bad review means that we have something we need to improve on, to continue to get better at the work we do. We are not perfect by any means, but we constantly strive for perfection.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. Hopefully it will help you to make a better decision in your search for an outstanding experience.


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